Today we feature another “transplant mom”. Yolandie, 34, from North West, has shared her journey with us.

1. Which organ/tissue did you receive, and in what year?
I received a liver transplant in 2009

2. How long after transplant did you start considering having a baby?
Immediately, I always knew I wanted to be a mom, but at that moment we thought it would not be possible.

3. Was the journey of becoming a mother (pregnancy/adoption/surrogacy) a difficult one?
Yes it was. I had to wait 2 years before even considering getting pregnant, my transplant team wanted me to wait and let my body adjust to the new organ and I had to make sure that I am medically fit with no history of rejection.

4. Was your medical team supportive of becoming a parent?
Yes, they encouraged us to start with a family.

5. When was the baby/babies born?
In 2014 and 2019, two beautiful boys.

6. Has being a mom had an impact on your health?
Yes, it is hard being a mom in general, you have to give all your available time to your kids and sometimes my health is the last thing I think about (Just because I am very blessed with good health). Luckily for modern technology I can set my reminders on my cell phone to when I need to drink my medication as it is a very strict regimen.

7. What advice would you give other transplant patients who would like to become mothers?
Talk to other transplant patients who did go through the process, it would give you a peace of mind to know the do’s and don’ts, but every transplant has its own story and timeline and your medical team must support you a 100%.



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