Transplant Stories

Vijay Reddy

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This is the first time we feature a story of a recipient that received two organs nearly five years apart. Vijay Reddy from KwaZulu Natal is our #TransplantTuesday story.

1. Which organ/tissue did you receive, and in what year?
I received a liver transplant in 2011 and due to the anti-rejection medication, my kidneys failed. I received my kidney transplant in 2016.

2. How long were you on the waiting list for your organ/tissue?
I was on the waiting list for a liver for six months, and four years for a the kidney.

3. What was life like before the transplant? How did you spend your days?
Liver – Miserable, most of my days were spent in hospital.
Kidney – Restrictive, due to dialysis. Most days spent juggling work and dialysis.

4. Describe the emotions experienced when you received “The Call” for your transplant?
Joy and elation, I couldn’t believe I was lucky enough to get a donor organ let alone two.

5. What is life like now, after the transplant?
Life now is normal but not taken for granted. I appreciate everyday that God has given me to spend with family and to allow me to do the things so many of us take for granted.

6. What advice would you give patients on the waiting list?
Be strong and have faith.

7. Why do you think there is a shortage of donors in South Africa?
Lack of education and understanding.

8. If you could describe transplant in one word, what would it be?