Transplant Stories

Shaun McLaughlin

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Our last Father’s Day interview is the 36-year-old Shaun McLaughlin from Benoni.

1. Which organ/tissue did you receive, and in what year?
Double lung transplant 2011

2. How long after transplant did you become a dad?
4 years

3. Was the journey of becoming a father a difficult one? Either medically or perhaps emotionally?
Yes, we had to do in-vitro fertilization due to my underlying Cystic Fibrosis. It was quite an emotionally draining process.

4. Was your medical team supportive of becoming a parent?
Yes, they were supportive.


5. When was the baby/babies born?
Twin girls born on 14 October 2015.


6. Has being a dad had an impact on your health?
Yes, the added responsibility and exhaustion at times can have an impact on one’s mental health. On the other hand, the joy that comes from being a parent gives your life a whole new meaning!


7. What advice would you give other transplant patients who would like to become fathers?
Balancing being a father and a transplant recipient can be very challenging at times and it’s not a decision to be made lightly. The uncertainty of what your own future looks like is always at the back of your mind. However, the immense joy that comes from getting cuddles from my little girls and seeing the love in their eyes is something that can never be measured.