Transplant Stories

Jeandre Geldenhuys

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The second post-transplant dad that we’re featuring this month ahead of Father’s Day, is 35 year old Jeandre Geldenhuys from Cape Town.

1. Which organ/tissue did you receive?

2. How long after transplant did you become a dad?
Two Years

3. Was the journey of becoming a father a difficult one? Either medically or perhaps emotionally?
I would say both as I had to change one of the medications I was on to make sure all will be OK, and emotionally, as I was not sure at the start that it would be possible but here we are!

4. Was your medical team supportive of becoming a parent?
Yes, but still cautious. Cautious in the fact that we had to change the meds just to be safe.

5. When was the baby/babies born?
13 October 2018.

6. Has being a dad had an impact on your health?
No, in fact is just makes me stronger because I wat to be there for everything so even if you get tough days you just work through it to be there for them.

7. What advice would you give other transplant patients who would like to become fathers?
Firstly always have that discussion with your doctors to make a safe decision, and then just support them the best you can I promise it is all worth that it, and the little smile and hugs are the best!