Transplant Stories

Collin Reddy

By 2021-03-24 Apr 28th, 2021 No Comments

Collin Reddy, 50, from Illovo, Amanzimtoti is featured in today’s #WaitingWednesday post.

1. When were you diagnosed with organ failure and which organ are you waiting for?
I was diagnosed with organ failure in August 2019, and I am awaiting a heart transplant.


2. How does your current health affect your lifestyle?
My lifestyle was impacted in a very big way as I was a 14 times Comrades medalist and 9 times Two Oceans with many 100s of other marathons behind me and an avid gardener as well. I was also a gym fanatic and I miss my active lifestyle.


3. How long have you been on the waiting list?
I am now listed for 18 months. I was moved up to the urgent list in November 2019.


4. Have you had a transplant before?


5. What are you most excited for after your transplant?
To get back into my training and take part in the World Transplant Olympics Games.


6. Why do you think there is a shortage of donors in South Africa?
Because of the lack of knowledge that most people have regarding organ donation. People need to be educated on the process so they can make informed decisions.


7. What is the biggest stigma / myth you have heard about organ donation?
Most people say they are afraid of disfigurement of their loved ones.