Transplant Stories

Renato Gambale

By 2020-09-30 No Comments

Renato Gambale, 56, from Johannesburg is featured in today’s #WaitingWednesday post.

1. When were you diagnosed with organ failure and which organ are you waiting for?

2013, waiting for a Kidney. My twin brother and I both have a rare disease which caused kidney failure.

2. How does your current health affect your lifestyle?

My lifestyle is effected immensely as it has taken a toll on my business, due to hours spent doing dialysis. It has affected my energy levels and my way of eating and drinking, which is probably the toughest due to not being able to eat certain foods, and drink certain amounts of fluids. My whole life has been turned upside down i.e. spending 15 hours a week on dialysis is not ideal. This has also affected me as I am not able to do my hobbies and travel.
I should be grateful for being on dialysis, but it’s not really a life.

3. How long have you been on the waiting list?

7 years

4. Have you had a transplant before?

No I have never had a transplant

5. What are you most excited for after your transplant?

To have a normal life again i.e. work, travel and sporting activities

6. Why do you think there is a shortage of donors in South Africa?

There is not enough awareness and cultural reasons. It should be compulsory for all citizens to be donors unless they opt not to.

7. What is the biggest stigma / myth you have heard about organ donation?

Being told you will get a transplant within 3 years but its 7 years later. Which just gives you false hope.