Transplant Stories

We TELL the stories of patients waiting for a transplant as well as transplant recipients. These stories are featured on our social media pages as either #WaitingWednesday or #TransplantTuesday. By telling these stories, we raise awareness about the benefit of an organ transplant and highlight the plight of people waiting for a transplant.

Paul Nel

Paul Nel, 46 years old from the North Coast of KwaZulu Natal is featured in our #TransplantTuesdays. 1. Which organ/tissue did you donate, and in

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Shaun McLaughlin

Our last Father’s Day interview is the 36-year-old Shaun McLaughlin from Benoni. 1. Which organ/tissue did you receive, and in what year? Double lung transplant

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Jeandre Geldenhuys

The second post-transplant dad that we’re featuring this month ahead of Father’s Day, is 35 year old Jeandre Geldenhuys from Cape Town. 1. Which organ/tissue

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Gawie Marx

During May we featured 3 women who became mothers post transplant. This month we celebrate Father’s Day, and we’ll be featuring the dads! First up

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Vijay Reddy

This is the first time we feature a story of a recipient that received two organs nearly five years apart. Vijay Reddy from KwaZulu Natal

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Yolandie Adendorff

Today we feature another “transplant mom”. Yolandie, 34, from North West, has shared her journey with us. 1. Which organ/tissue did you receive, and in

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If you are a transplant recipient or waiting for a transplant, submit your story below.