Rejection is something that happens to many transplant patients. It is something that we believe we need to share and talk about. Alice Vosloo, 39-year-old from Pretoria shares her story of chronic rejection.

1. Which organ did you receive, and in what year?
I had a Bi-lateral Lung Transplant in 2008 and 2017.

2. When did you go into rejection and do you know what type of rejection? 
In 2013. First had a bout of Acute rejection in 2012, followed by Chronic Rejection a few months later (Bronchiolitis
Obliterans Syndrome (BOS)).

3. Are you receiving any treatment and what type of treatment?
My medication was changed. When lung function continued to drop, I underwent photopheresis treatment for almost a year (ECP).
Three years after the chronic rejection started I started using supplemental oxygen again. I also had to see a biokinetecist twice a week at that point to assist with keeping muscles active and strong.

4. How did you discover that you are in rejection??
Lung Function slowly declined, and no infection or any other reason for the drop in lung function was found.

5. What emotions did you experience when you received the diagnosis of chronic rejection?
Shock, anxiety, disbelief, hope, determination.

6. What is the prognosis, is a transplant part of the treatment?
Yes it was eventually.

7. Did you receive another transplant and when? 
Yes, 2017

8.What advice would you give other patients going through rejection? 
Keep on taking your meds and looking after your body. Don’t stop exercising and socialising, try and keep our life as normal as possible. Ask your Dr questions and  be informed of what is happening to your organ/body. Look after your mental health as well. See a psychologist to help you process all the emotions that you will go through.



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