Transplant Stories

Keneilwe Mogale

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Organ Donation is a conversation, and we want to #TellYourStory. This week we feature the story of 34 year old Keneilwe Mogale from Soweto in Gauteng.

1. Which organ did you receive and in what year?
I received a liver in 2014.

2. How long were you on the waiting list for my organ?
I was on the waiting list for a few months.

3. What was life like before the transplant? How did you spend your days?
It was horrible. I spent my days indoors, lying in bed fatigued and trying to relieve myself from the ascites (the build-up of fluid in the space surrounding the organs in the abdomen) pain.

4. Describe the emotions involved when you received “The Call” for your transplant.
I cried thinking it was my last day on earth, and that I was never going to return home to my mom. I remember crying and crying.

5. What advice would you give patients on the waiting list?
It is life changing. You have to be mentally, physically, and spiritually ready for it. It requires serious commitment, discipline, and faith. It’s also important that you have a good support system pre and post transplantation.

6. Why do you think there is a shortage or organ donors in South Africa?
Organ donation is misunderstood; there should be across board awareness campaigns: T. V, radio, newspapers, online, in “soapies” etc.’ should cover the topic at length, like it has been done before with HIV/ AIDS, and cancer. There is the Pink Drive with cancer, how about a Green Drive for organ donation. It shouldn’t be an August topic only, but a twelve-month topic. The majority of people that I’ve spoken with have reiterated that they don’t have enough information about it, hence reluctance to donate and it is seen as “taboo”.

7. If you could describe transplant in one word, what would it be?